30’-120’ Game Show/Internet/Board Game.
Access Primetime and Primetime.
“Three contestants face six guests; they are given a list of their genuine six occupations or hobbies. By nominating the guests to answer specialised questions, perform challenges or tell stories all related to the six occupations or hobbies, the three contestants have to race against each other to work out who is who.”
France: “Qui Est Qui?” (6 years daily, celebrity specials),
Wales: “Pwy Di Pwy?” (five series),
Denmark “Hvem Er Hvem” (four series; 1st daily),
Canada “La Tete De L’Emploi” (2 years daily, celebrity specials),
Italy “Sei Del Mestiere” (daily series),
Portugal “Quem E O Que?” (two series),
Sweden “Upp Till Bevis” (5th series),
Norway (4th series, celebrity specials),
Greece (1st weekly series)
and Turkey (1st series).

Marie-Ange Nardi (host)

France: “Qui Est Qui?”